Types Of Courier Service – Premium Courier Delivery Services

We have discussed earlier the courier companies and its functions.Courier company offers multiple categories delivery services.These services make life easier and faster.You have a variety of option to use courier service. When you are in a big courier company, they are ready to provide you their service depending on your needs. As they have multiple service categories, they have also different service charges plan.

Different Types Of Courier Services

On-Board Courier: On board, courier service is one of the common services in the courier industry. On board, service is comparatively expensive rather than other standard services. In this service mostly emergency items are sent. We can refer these items like – medicine, natural organs etc. Its delivery time is faster than any other service.

Same day Courier Service – Same day courier service is the new trend in the logistics industry.It is mostly used for internet shopping.People when they buy products online they want same day delivery option. It delivers the package with in the same day after booking. it is expensive from standard package service.

Personal Courier Service: Personal courier is also popular service. Basically, this service is used in big cities to transfer goods. Big companies they often need to move heavy goods from one city to another. Here this service enables to dispatch goods safely. It is expensive but suitable for multinational companies.

Standard Courier service – Standard courier service is used widely by people. It is the cheapest and ordinary service. Its delivery time quite slow rather than other premium services. If you are not in hurry to send or receiving parcel then you can go for standard delivery service.

Overnight Service – The word ‘overnight’ tells you the inside process of this service. Normally your package is delivered in the next day morning. This type of courier service is growing fast.

Part Loading Transfer – This service is completely different from others. Here in this service people book for dispatching heavy goods but not in single mode. When a number of customers book shipment for the same location then only it delivers their goods. The benefit of this service is that it is less expensive though it may take time to deliver.

These are most common types of courier service available in this industry. You can consume any services as far as you need it.You are not bound to opt any premium services offered by any private company. This depends on your needs and delivery preference. If you compare the standard and the premium services then you can find the premium services are much expensive rather than the traditional courier service.

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