Compare Courier Service VS Postal Service Performance

Courier service and postal service both do the same job that is delivering parcels.It delivers mail, documents, package or parcel. Though it has the same job function still it performs in different manners.If we try to define courier service then it can be said that courier companies are basically owned by a private body. These are like DHL,DTDC,BLUE DART,First Flight,Aramex etc.

The Postal system is run by the country government and it is maintained public funds. In terms of sending parcel both services are most welcome. You need to visit the official post office to send your package with the postal service. You can’t request them to pick up the item from your location as it’s too busy to pick up your item.Here in private courier companies, they have the variety of scopes and facilities to make your shipment possible. Standard and reputed courier company has the option to pick up your goods from your home or nearest location.

Courier Service VS Postal Service

Above comparison is just a little introduction for both services. Let’s have a look on advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Postal Service:

  • It offers you cheap rate and it suitable for all categories of people in society.
  • It reaches to any part of your country.
  • You don’t need to visit the post office, your parcel will be handed over at your home.
  • Its genuine and more trusted than any courier service – Probability of losing item is very less.

Disadvantages Of Postal Service:

Though postal service has a number of advantages still it has some drawbacks.

  • Its delivery process is very slow.
  • Country postal service has poor customer service.You have to wait few days to get a reply from them.
  • Sometimes online tracking is difficult with postal tracking number.

Advantages Of Courier Service:

  • It has fast delivery service to the recipients.
  • 24×7 hrs customer service facility.
  • Just make a call and your package will be picked up from your location.
  • Superb tracking tools available online as well as offline.

Disadvantages Of Courier Service:

  • Private courier companies they charge high to send your parcel.
  • Many times receiver needs to be present in courier office to receive the item as the lack of branches.
  • It may not be safe to send a vital package with courier companies.
  • Sometimes you need extra proofs to receive the article.

Both services have advantages and disadvantages but you need to choose it depending on your urgent situation and economic capacity.

Courier Service Postal Service