What Is Tracking Number – Courier Consignment Number

Tracking or Consignment number is the common tag of every courier company.Almost all standard courier companies they offer their tracking system.When you book parcel with any private courier company they will provide you a unique number.This number is called tracking or consignment number.If you already have a tracking number then you don’t need to contact again with the company to know the delivery status.You can check it online by putting your tracking number directly into tracking box.

Each company tracking number has different number format.Some companies have 10 digits number, some of them have 11 digit alpha numeric combination.Whatever the format, they provide you updated courier status.If you see shipment categories like Speed post/ems shipment, air cargo shipment, container shipment, you will notice that they have completely different tracking numbers structure.Ultimately we can say that tracking or consignment number is nothing but a number which let you know the update status.

There are more than 400 courier companies worldwide.Each courier company provides AWB number or airway bill number to get the tracking details. You can grab this consignment number from the billing receipt paper which you have received from the office. You can also get a copy by email those who book courier online.Shivaay AWB referred those items which are sent via air cargo. But if you just get a numeric code that means your item has been dispatched by surface line.You shouldn’t lose this tracking information until the product is delivered to you. Each and every consignment number has on the expiry date. Most of the logistic companies they keep the tracking information up to 45 days and after that, you won’t be able to retrieve tracking data from their website. However, you can always contact the customer service team for any trouble or tracking support.

What Is Tracking Number