How to Send Parcel Or Documents – Courier Shipping Guide

Your parcel is very important, it may contain vital documents, gifts, check or other necessary items. You will never want that it will vanish or damage in its transit.Today we will discuss regarding how to send parcel or documents safely. We can’t guarantee hundred percent that your parcel will be untouched but still there are some tips that can be followed to avoid any damage. People often send parcels and after few weeks they never get any reply from the courier side.It has been seen courier item lost in transit. So before sending any kind of documents, parcels, gift voucher or heavy item please make sure that the courier service provider that your booking online or offline is reputed and trusted. Read the below section to learn more

  • Book and ship your package with only trusted Courier Company. Well if you are not in hurry then you can go for country postal service.
  • If you are sending documents then please make sure that your envelop paper quality is good enough and has no holes in side section.
  • Write your full details and recipient address on the cover page in capital letter.
  • Don’t forget to mention your contact number.
  • Stick your envelope using good adhesive and then lock it again with white cello tape.
  • For sending package use large tape and pack it tightly.
  • If you are sending fragile item then make a soft layer (with unused clothes/paper etc.) for both side up and down.
  • Always use common packet size; it will save your money as well protect your item.
  • If possible write the item details on the package surface as it helps a lot to recognize and to verify goods.
  • Last but not the least take consignment number from Courier Company and keep tracking until it delivers or reaches properly.

These above tips are most common tips to ensure that you made a safe parcel shipment.

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