How Ecom Express Logistic Works To Deliver Parcel

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We live in a continuously shrinking world where technology is bringing everything you want right to your palm. E-commerce is rapidly changing the way Indian consumers shop. Reliable logistics partner with comprehensive reach across the geography of the country is the backbone of any e-commerce business, best-in-class technology and automation make Ecom Express your best logistics partner. It is completely integrated order management system developed in-house enables easy shipping and real-time tracking of your orders anywhere in India. Pickups are done using the latest technology enabling a smooth and flexible picker process. The use of technology tracks each order that is selected and pickups are confirmed by clicking e-signature.Real-time updates are sent to handheld devices that are powered by their technology.

Automated tallying, weighing and sorting of shipments are all automated at the processing centers. Each movement of an order is tracked in GPS to ensure they’re right on track. Orders are further scanned and sorted at each handle report including destination hubs and again bases the addresses they are dispatched to the respective delivery center. Here again carefully sorted, this is the addresses and then they get assigned to the delivery sources through a mobile application. Ecom express ensures that orders are delivered on time to the customers. verification through¬† OTP guarantee that orders get delivered to the right customer – cash is collected, tallied against each order and remitted to their customers. If undelivered reattempts are made, this entire process is monitored by a control tower and any exceptions are fixed proactively with timely updates to the customer. Become a partner with ECOM express and empower your e-commerce business today. If you need franchise –

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