Ecom Express Private Limited – Logistic Growing Journey

EECOM Express was established in the year 2013 to cater to the dynamic needs of e-commerce industry, which is growing by leaps and bounds. This logistics industry has over a hundred years of cumulative experience. ECOM Express began operations in thirty-five towns of India in January 2013. Within just year-and-a-half of starting delivery operations, they became the industry leaders by serving a million shipments in a month. Today ECOM Express is the largest dedicated e-commerce logistics network in the country, covering the toughest terrains from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Eta Nagar to Kuch. They take pride in having reached out to on maximum codes in the northeastern region within a short span of 11 months from the start of their operations in the region. They were able to reach those Heights because of their dedicated people, cutting-edge technology, and automated process. Once the shipments are picked from the sellers they are brought to a processing center, where they are sorted using their indigenously developed automated sorter Shakti, which makes processing incredibly fast and accurate. Shipments are then grouped together in bags and sealed with a one time lock and then sent to the hubs.

At the hubs the bags are separated based on the destinations and finally dispatched through their network trucks to destination centers. At the destination center shipments are tallied and sent for delivery. At ECOM Express they understand that time and swiftness is the essence of e-commerce delivery. They are the only company to provide shipment delivery on Sunday and holidays at every local corner of the country. They are expanding at an unbelievably fast pace and aim to reach 80 percent of India’s population within one to three years, They have already covered every location in six states Delhi, Haryana, Goa, Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. During the festive seasons, the number of shipments they handle has constantly been more than three times the normal load. Ecom expresse automated sorting system allows them to meet that demand processing, 12000 shipments per hour. ECOM Express handles over 65 million shipments until March 2016. They owe their fast-paced growth to the team which is constantly strategizing and innovating to meet customer requirements. They aim to maintain a high growth trajectory by covering 90 percent of households of India in the next three years. Ecom Express, they have been successfully satisfying their customers since 2013 and aim to do the same in many more years to come. in line with a vision to be the best logistic solution provider for the e-commerce industry. They want to reach every doorstep of the country and they want people to be happy.