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Posted by – (Paul Smith) Aliexpress Dropshipping Shipping – how to deliver orders quickly to the customer, accurate tracking information.

I’m going to be showing you the secret to using Aliexpress to dropship products to your eBay customers, Amazon customers or customers from your own website. there is one secret trick to making this work. a lot of you guys have expressed interest with me and wanting to get started drop shipping. personally, I’m not big on drop shipping may be to test products. overall it’s not my favourite or chosen business model, I prefer to order inventory but a lot of you guys have asked them wasn’t happy to help you and teach you how this works. also, a lot of you guys have expressed interest in using Aliexpress the dropship and I’ll tell you the one big problem with that is items are going to take too long to arrive your buyers.They are going to be unhappy and also you don’t really have accurate tracking number and that’s another thing that’s important to in this article I’m going to show you how to use Aliexpress the dropship products but instead of ordering them from China post,as customers are going to be waiting you know two weeks minimum probably more like three weeks to a month for a product to arrive. I’m going to show you how to only shop for only those items that are available in US warehouses and that means when you order your customers should have the product I would say within a week at most probably much quicker than that. first off all when you filter products in the US your choice of available products is going to be much lower on Aliexpress. if we were to go into women’s fashion accessories there would literally be tens of thousands of items that we could buy when we do select china post standard shipping. Applying US warehouses which can ship quickly, reduce thousands list to a dozen of items you’re not going to have as many choices and the products are going to be more expensive basically for that convenience factor but I’ll tell you why you have to do this if your eBay and Amazon. you know I’m sure you guys know eBay customers/Amazon customers they want to get their items quickly. if they don’t have their items in a few days they’re hitting you up asking where’s item. you have a tracking number and if you’re ordering sub chromoly Express in China not only is this stuff going to take probably three weeks minimum to arrive to your customers but also you’re not going to have accurate tracking. you’re going to have China Post or epacket tracking information,it redirects you to some Chinese websites that you can’t understand.

It doesn’t show at your tracking info. I don’t know about you guys my customers are crazy about tracking. you know typically within a few hours of somebody placing an item they’re asking for their tracking number or asking if I shipped it out. another problem I run into when, I ship most of my stuff by USPS first class which is delivery confirmation not tracking for anyone who doesn’t know the difference delivery confirmation. they only have to scan the package when they’re dropping it off at your house. they don’t have to scan it in the sorting facilities along the way so when you print a label, it says you know label created but unless you actually physically walk up to the post office desk and make them scan it in. it doesn’t necessarily get scanned so I get so many emails and messages from people, hey you said that you ship the item but the tracking number doesn’t work or you said that you should see item but uh the post office says you didn’t ship it and I have to explain like at least three times a day to people. USPS is delivery confirmation they’re not required to scan little runs away. it’s not like true tracking it’s not up-to-date the only time you only see and are required to do is upon delivery and what makes it even more confusing is sometimes they do what’s called a courtesy scan which means that they’ll scan. you know I guess if they’re not busy and have time they’ll scan your stuff along the way to have confuses buyers because sometimes their packages can scans other times they don’t get. but this is using the USPS domestically where things arriving in a few days. imagine if you’re ordering items and stuff is going to take three weeks to arrive and you got tracking info that doesn’t work, you’re going to have buyers going crazy furthermore eBay and Amazon are now starting to score know score your sales stats based on how quickly you print a tracking number, how quickly tracking gets uploaded, how quickly tracking shows delivered and with China stuff. hey, sometimes they don’t even ship your item for five days or a couple days. so you’re going to a couple days where there is no tracking and after that typically that the China packet or a packet. tracking typically it doesn’t work for at least a week or two and if it does work it normally doesn’t show every accurate data. so I think you’re asking for upset buyers and negative feedback and things like that so we’ll get started with this I’m going to show you guys how to buy stuff using Aliexpress as a drop shipper.

For example, we’re going to search women’s clothing on Aliexpress and we’re going to go down to accessories. now you will find thousands of different types of sunglasses for scarves. thousand different kind of scarves belts and hats. Like I said products are not only going to get more expensive.we can sort or add additional features we want to ship to the United States and normally stuff is coming from mainland China. but you’re going to click the US flag for domestic delivery.Now we’re also going to click free shipping and you saw how many products we had before and now you will notice only few products shows from thousand’ll notice prices are higher, if you were to buy the same product from China it would probably be about half the price granted. I gotta wait three weeks for it to come but it’s half the price. if I were to go to Alibaba by the same quantity I can get it even cheaper but these aren’t a terrible price. you know seller discount buy sell bulk price if you buy pieces or more you’re going to get them for so when I might do, I might contact the seller which I would just to do that I would just go down there and click contact now. I might say to seller okay I’m looking to buy pieces what’s the best price you can do. I mean he might come down to bucks for me. now if we go over to Amazon or Ebay, we could probably sell it for bucks double up our money. If we put good pictures up and market in the right way and promote it off Amazon, you can compete trusted seller.

Let’s search few items there. for example,Go to phones and accessories and go to mobile phone accessories. You will see what’s available in the US.look at a few different categories and see what’s available,there you will find a thousand products just in these two categories.when you click United States,so you’ll see there’s actually still a few, I mean not before we had two hundred thousand. now we’re probably down to about a thousand products. so there’s a lot less but there’s actually a pretty good selection here in the US shell. if you were to go to Alibaba and find your own wholesaler and buy a product, you know even if you’re only buying units I bet you could probably get things for a buck fifty apiece two bucks instead of $. so I mean you can make better merchants if you buy the stuff yourself but I guess thing something that you could just throw up on Amazon and sell and dropship. Search unique items you don’t want somebody to be able to find your exact same item on Amazon for a third of the price. take a look at what the shipping times are on this type of stuff. Again do free shipping that will probably narrow it down a little bit more and then lastly let’s sort from low to high. contact the seller you may be able to get a better price but again you’re paying a premium for buying something that’s already in the US there’s a lot of these things one more thing we’re going to do. Click on products and see how quickly the shipping time is, so we know how quickly your buyer would get this so estimated delivery times seven days free shipping the US via USPS that’s good to see. no China Post it’s going to ship out within three days of you ordering, so potentially it could ship the same day what they could sit on it for three days and then you got a delivery time of two to six days. so it’s a very longest this is going to take nine days to arrive to your customer that’s a little bit on the long side but if you work with a seller on a regular basis you say hey I need you to get these things out quickly, they’ll probably work with you on that.

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