Ebay Parcel Tracking – Ebay Track Order Instructions (Easy)

Ebay Parcel Tracking – Track package order status, Shipment & eBay guest tracking guide.

Today through this article we are going to be showing you how to track your order once you’ve placed your order on eBay. It’s been a couple of days you may be wondering where your item is and it’s very simple so all you need to do is make sure that you are logged into your eBay account and then once you are logged in go up to where you see my eBay and then underneath the drop down bar, there you’re going to see something that says purchase history. Click on the purchase history link there it’s then going to show you a list of items that you have just recently purchased. Within those items there underneath these specific items that you’re wanting to track. as you can see below screenshot items already been delivered. But let’s say it hasn’t been what you would need to do is look for is the number directly to the right of the tracking number text there and then just click on that really long number and it’s going to show you the details of where that item is.If an item is in transit, it’ll be in the section the second option here underneath in transit it’ll let you know exactly where your item is and supposedly an expected delivery date. Again go to my eBay and then go to Purchase History and then look for the item you’re wanting to track and then find the tracking number underneath the listing there either click on that number or sometimes depending on if they use UPS or FedEx you may have to select the big long number and then right click and then go to search Google for and that will actually allow you to track a package directly underneath the Google search results. So it may be via DHL, USPS, Bluedart, DTDC whatever the carrier may be you can right click that real long number and go to search Google for and that will also allow you to track that package. If you have any more questions about eBay or anything of that regard go ahead and put those in the comment section.

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