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Xpressbees Courier Franchise Opportunity,How To Start Business

Learn about Xpressbees franchise business in India – How to start, online application, website, benefits and more

Xpressbees is a courier company which is specialised in e-commerce logistics services in India. Xpressbees is now popular for the fast delivery and customer satisfaction. More than 70,000+ shipment process per day and delivered to customers door. Xpressbees franchise lets you earn money while running their business. The process is simple you deliver their shipment and earn Commission out of it. Therefore if you are looking for small investment but expecting good margin from a franchise business, Xpressbees can be a good choice. They offer partnership by maintaining very simple terms and condition.

Start Xpressbees Courier Franchise Business

Partnership Benefits | Deposit Money | Documents Required | Customer Care | Website

Benefits of Xpressbees Partnership Program

  • Well Trained Front Line Service Team – being a partner Xpressbees lets you explore all the services provided by Xpressbees and support. Training and franchise welcome kits.
  • Easy Integration – software can be integrated easily to manage all shipping activities.
    Online Shipment Tracking System – The most important factor of any courier company is their shipment tracking tool. For this Xpressbees already set up user-friendly tracking interface so that customers can track trace their shipment location details.
  • Quick Response & Support Team – you will get 24/7 hours customer care service from the help desk.
    Last Mile Shipment Management System – Besides this any shipping travel or updating complexity can be handled and managed by the expert team.
  • Good return and commission opportunity – You have invested franchise deposit money to them and now it’s time to earn from their service. Each consignment delivered successfully to customer generate handsome Commission which can be calculated based on gross total. For more information about commission percentage, you can contact the official support team of Xpressbees franchise.

Run Xpressbees Courier Franchise

Documents required for Business
You need some basic valid documents to apply for their franchise. These are like your voter card, PAN card, ration card, property legal paper, driving licence.

How many days does it take to process?
This actually depends on Xpressbees franchise team.They Verify all your valid documents and after verification, if they found no error they will approve you within 7 days.

Total Deposit Money
You need to consult with the Xpressbees support team to get an idea about deposit money. Basically, it is revealed after you get a response from them.

What is the minimum space required?
Before applying to any franchise make sure that you have at least 300 square feet to 400 square feet enough space. This is a minimum space that you need to show before applying for partnership. However, the actual space can be different company to company.

Whom should I contact?
For any business enquiries that you have regarding Xxpressbees courier franchise, you need to contact the business partner team. They have the online application form to get your application. However, most of the applications are rejected by them just because of lack of information. Here we have proper Xpressbees franchise PDF guide which will guide you how to apply and get approval quickly.

Customer Service

Phone: 020-49116100
Email ID: customercare@xpressbees.com

Xpressbees Courier Official website


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