Wish Order Tracking,Check Wish Post Tracking Number

Wish Order Tracking – Post shipping status, Track Parcel delivery, Track order Number.

How to track Wish Post Order?

If you want to check the delivery status of Wish order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting the Order History page: www.wish.com/transaction. Tap on “Wheres my package?” to view your orders estimated date of arrival and tracking history.

How Tracking Interface Works?

Following the above instructions, you can track your order.However, there are few steps to complete delivery.When you place an order and confirmed it automatically shows order is processing.The next step comes “Shipping”, it will be inactive until shipment is done by the seller.When order item is dispatched you will see a green color tracking progress bar.Now the tracking software calculates the estimated date of delivery and updates with a certain delivery date.

My order tracking page showing blank?

This occurs when your order is not accepted by the seller or payment failure.You can retry placing an order to see order details.Only successful orders show tracking details.

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