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VRL Franchise,How To Start VRL Logistics Business – VRL Courier

vrl franchise

Find VRL logistic franchise dealership details – profit, investment, online application.

VRL logistic group of Company is India’s leading courier pioneer. They have their own vehicles and customised services. Besides courier delivery services they have services like travels, air charting, online bus booking and other outdoor booking services. VRL Logistics franchise lets you run business with them. Become a partner by applying for their franchise.

VRL Courier Franchise opportunity

 Advantages of VRL franchise 
By joining their affiliate program you can avail many benefits from them. You get multiple services which will definitely help you to Boost Your Business. They are trusted and reliable partner, for any help you can contact them 24 /7 hours. They provide Express logistics solution to their clients. You can request customised services for any particular client or customer.

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How to apply for the franchise?
You can only request and submit your details through email. The online application form is unavailable and maybe live in future. Send the email to them and wait at least 7 days to get the reply from customer service.

Who can apply for the franchise? Any citizen of India is eligible to request their franchise. Whether you are an individual person or partners, you could become their partner. You should provide the valid identity proof and documents to start the business.

Should I pay deposit money? In 99% cases security deposit money is vital, therefore we guess VRL Logistic also takes security money. Right now, we don’t have the exact information regarding the deposit money. The company doesn’t provide much information, we will share the amount as soon as we have enough information from VRL logistic.

Where can I open franchise shop? You can open your franchise business in your office or in your own space. There is no restriction regarding the place. However, if you are using a rented place then you should show the valid documents for your rental office.

How much time does it take to process franchise application? It depends on the verification process. You apply for the partnership program and the VRL Logistics team verify all the documents that you have submitted to email. Normally it takes 7 days to 2 weeks.

Important documents required: You need to provide your Aadhaar Card, ration card, legal property business papers, PAN card (permanent account number) and Bank pass book front page scan. These are some basic documents that you need to submit.However, in some cases they may request more documents from you.

Accessories required: You need fast Internet connection, printer for printing, scanner, Barcode Scanner, computers or laptop and punching machine.

Well, in above section we have discussed some basic requirements and franchise application process. We do not guarantee that VRL logistic will maintain the same rules to take the franchise application in future. They may change the terms and condition and franchise service at any time. We advise you to keep in touch with them on regular basis and get the latest announcement from the help desk.

VRL Customer Service

Email: feedback@vrllogistics.com

Official Website