Toll Delivery Hours,Toll Consumer Delivery Guide

Toll is an Australia based courier company. We have Toll tracking page for getting Toll consumer delivery reports. In this post you will find information regarding delivery hours and consumer delivery services offered by Toll company.

So far if you want exact Toll delivery hours you won’t find on their official website. We can help you to understand the delivery methods and the delivery time by elaborating their delivery services. Toll has two main shipping services for their customers. These are domestic delivery services and global delivery services. Now if you want to know more about domestic delivery services,We can classify it into three main categories.

Same day delivery service: If you need to send parcel on urgent basis then same day delivery is best for you. In this service, parcels are delivered on the same day in all Metro areas across Australia and New Zealand.

Priority delivery service: Priority service is mainly specialised for next day delivery in all regional places and metro cities. Using extensive network they make delivery possible on time.

Standard delivery service: It is the most cost-effective and high-quality shipping services available in the courier industry. Toll provides the standard shipping solution in across Australia and New Zealand. Some of the features can be discussed according to 2 main hubs.

Features of standard delivery services in Australia

  • Time-Specific Delivery Windows
  • Delicate & Sensitive Freight
  • Complex Tech Swap-Outs
  • Reverse Logistics / Returns Service
  • Garment-On-Hanger And Direct-To-Store Deliveries
  • Release Management

For standard delivery in Australia Call 13 33 66

Features of standard delivery services in New Zealand

  • Real-Time Proof Of Delivery
  • Delicate And Sensitive Freight Capability
  • Reverse Logistics / Returns Service
  • Release Management
  • Time-Specific Delivery Windows

For standard delivery in New Zealand Call 0800 865 547

Now you have little bit idea delivering the parcel to consumers totally depends on the shipping services you choose. Now let’s go to global Delivery services. The international parcel, documents and all goods are carried by flight. But the time frame works same as we discussed earlier in domestic section.The Global Delivery has 3 main shipping services:

Global Delivery Services

toll delivery hours global express

1. Next flight out: This service lets you ship parcel, documents or heavy goods on urgent basis. Business owners often use this Toll premium service for industrial purpose.
2. Global Express: It lets you ship item more secure and fast.
3. Global economy service: It ensures economic service that is more cost-effective comparing two other shipping services. Generally, this service delivers parcel within 2 to 6 days.

Australia Global Express Delivery Services – Phone number – 13 15 31

New Zealand Global Express Delivery Services – Phone number – 0800 231 531

Learn more about express service from the official page of Toll Ipec –