TNT Courier Charges,Calculate TNT Shipping Rates Online

TNT is a global logistics supply chain which offers low courier charges.You can send documents or non-documents item worldwide with their international shipment features.They have offices more than 120 countries across the world.TNT made their shipping price tool easy,it can calculate online without any expert’s help.All shipping pricing and rates vary shipment preference and other multiple factors.

TNT Courier Charges

How to calculate Shipping charges ?
You can calculate TNT delivery Charges in their price checking page.Follow simple steps :

  1. Visit shipping price page (choose collection country and delivery country from the drop down menu.Now select package type that you want to courier  click on continue button)
  2. In next page, you have to fill all details like (collection details,delivery details,package details)
  3. Enter weight and package dimension details ,click on continue button

Note : Unfortunately,if you see the error,you country has no service for online price checking,it indicates you have to visit your nearest TNT courier office. (Track TNT courier)

TNT provides estimated courier rates or charges.You can only know exact price at the time of booking with them.

TNT Courier Charges