Fedex Same Day City Shipping Tutorial – Fedex Sameday Delivery

FedEx offers same-day city local courier service, get your critical packages delivered across the Metro area by uniformed couriers with FedEx same-day city service.If you need professional timely door-to-door delivery FedEx same-day city is a great solution for many businesses including yours. Let’s start by learning how to manage your account go to slash same day, enter your user ID and password then click login hover over manage then manage my account. From here you’ll see three options

  • My preferences
  • My profile
  • An address book

Let’s update my preferences setting, your preferences will make scheduling a shipment easier since your information will save an auto-fill were needed under your preferences.You can enter your default pickup and delivery addresses reference information notification settings time zone and saved package profiles next.Now set up your profile box.Profiles let you set profiles for your ten most commonly used shipping boxes.You can give each box a name, you’ll remember so when it comes time to ship choosing the right box size is fast and easy now.

Let’s update your address book, you can add addresses individually or import them from a spreadsheet this makes it easy to quickly access your contacts information.To add or edit contacts individually click on the create address button.Here you can assign each contact a quick code so that next time you ship your contacts information will automatically fill in and save you a lot of time.This code can be any combination of up to 10 characters that you familiarize a contact with for example your code could be a location or store name to import multiple addresses at once click on the import tab. Now choose the fields you want to include by highlighting and clicking add adjust the order to match your file by clicking up or down.

Next select the excel file you want to import, addresses from in order for the FedEx same day city address book to correctly pull contacts your excel file must meet the following requirements.It should not have blank fields, have no column heads be saved as a text file.After you format your excel file, save it correctly click import ready to schedule your first FedEx same day city shipment.Great go to same day, enter your user ID and password then click login once logged in click on the shipping tab at the top of the page.This will take you to the shipping form let’s start by filling out.

Section 1 – if you have a quick code enter it here if you don’t have a quick code leave it blank any special instructions for the courier.You can add them here to automatically save this contact to your address book.Click here continue filling out the details of your shipment including the number of packages along with dimensions and weight would you like an email notification when your package is picked up and delivered. Check here and here would you like your recipient to be notified as well check here and here now your recipient will automatically receive emails based on the notifications selected.

You can also choose your transit time to indicate priority or standard and see your rate for each ready to go click ship then confirm you should immediately get a detailed shipment receipt where you can see your shipment tracking number in bold at the top on this receipt page. You can also print the label print your receipt or create another shipment so let’s print a label click print label then fold the printed page along the horizontal line shown there.Finally, you can place the label in a shipping pouch or simply tape it securely to your package, either way, make sure the barcode on the label is clear and can be easily read and scanned.Now your package is ready to go.

Let’s learn how to track the status of a shipment there are three easy ways to track your recent FedEx same day city orders.The simplest way is to track by tracking number under the track drop-down, choose track by tracking number. You can do this in a number of ways if you don’t want to sign in just enter your shipment tracking number and click track if you don’t know the tracking number you can sign in find it on your active shipment page or if you printed out your shipment receipt find it there the tracking results page shows the status of your package.

From pickup to delivery a second way to track is by clicking active shipment, you’ll need to log into the same-day site to use this method, so enter your user ID and password then click login this will give you the ability to quickly look down the left side of the page and see the status of multiple active shipments. Active shipment is any shipment that has been processed but not delivered yet this status will help you tell your customer where any package is located a third way to track is by clicking recent deliveries.You’ll also need to log in to use this method this type of tracking allows you to see the in-depth details of your completed or canceled shipments within the last 24 hours.

You can customize the results of this type of tracking by clicking customize.Select the fields you’d like to view and click update if you would like to run a report on your FedEx same day city activity go to / same day enter your user ID and password then click login hover-over manage then run reports here you’ll see two options activity report or custom data. Download click activity report select the criteria you’d like to search for including dates reference number and other options then click run report the results will give you your activity report.

fedex same day city shipping

Your activity report allows you to see your total shipments for your chosen date range, it allows you to click to more delivery details including who signed for what packages and at what time and at the bottom it shows total shipments and total cost which gives you a good way to know your average cost per delivery over a date range. Now let’s look at the custom data download option this section allows you to create a report with greater detail hover over manage then run reports click custom data download select the criteria you’d like to include in your report by highlighting and clicking the direction arrow customizations include pickup location delivery instructions package weight and dimensions.Among others, click generates this will create a custom Excel document with the information you requested you can edit and reorganize the data in this document to fit your needs.