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Fedex Courier Franchise Affiliate Opportunity,How To Start Fedex Business

fedex courier franchise

FedEx Franchise details with the commission, customer care, investment and official website.

FedEx is a global Logistic Company which serves domestic and international basis. FedEx has the office in India which is commonly known as FedEx India. All courier operations are managed by FedEx India team, while it is serving all over India. FedEx has both USA and India franchise affiliate program. Through this program, you can become their partner and start FedEx franchise business in your local area or city. FedEx India doesn’t provide march information regarding joining to their franchise. But still, you can request for the franchise service through online application process.

FedEx Courier Franchise Opportunity

In India, FedEx is very popular and trusted Logistic Company. If you are lucky enough then you will be accepted by FedEx to start your business with them. FedEx India doesn’t talk much regarding their business enquiries. Therefore if you write to their customer support team you will get no reply from them. But we can show you the particular page where you can apply for the franchise and provide all the details about your business. For most of the cases, they reply within 7 days of receiving the message.

Benefits of FedEx affiliate program
Promote FedEx service and get an opportunity to increase your revenue. As FedEx is world most recognised Logistic network, you don’t need to promote their company. You will start your business from the day 1 of joining. Customers already trust and dispatch parcel with FedEx, therefore if you have enough space you will get customers instantly.

  • FedEx provides all business necessary tools light posters, ban, business card, format printing etc.
  • You will get 24/7 hrs customer service, which really helps to fix any shipment issue.
  • FedEx uses advanced technology from Shipping to tracking all parcels and documents.
  • FedEx has all express services including pick up from your doorstep and delivery schedule.

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How franchise works
The franchise business works on commission basis. You promote FedEx newsletters, text link, online services to sale their service. They get customers from you and sell their services. After a successful transaction, you get Commission depending on the amount.

Franchise Commission structure: Right now FedEx offers their affiliate program to USA only. They pay a flat Commission generated through a qualified user session. Services which have no invoices are not eligible for the commission aunty FedEx office receive the invoice.

USA FedEx Franchise Email: Send your application to Fedex@cj.com to become their partner.

Customer Care

Contact Number For International Services 1800 22 6161 / 1800 209 6161
Phone Number For Domestic Services 1800 419 4343

FedEx Official Website: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/customersupport/affiliateprogram.html