Ekart Logistics Tracking,Ekart Track Order Number

Ekart Logistics Tracking Courier shipment status online.We will guide you how to track Ekart Logistics tracking number and how it works.Ekart provides separate tracking facility which you can see by landing to their homepage.You can directly visit Flipkart order tracking page, that lets you track the shipment status.You need both registered email ID and particular order number to track order.However, if you are not looking for Flipkart order status but Ekart status visits Ekart website.

Instructions to be followed to track Ekart Logistics

Flipkart sends email confirmation along with order number and tracking code.Since Ekart is the official courier partner of Flipkart, the tracking code indicates Ekart company.

  • Get the order id from Flipkart e-commerce company
  • Enter the exact tracking ID in tracking box (Copy and paste or Ctrl+V).You should copy the exact code from account dashboard otherwise a little space may show the blank result. You can avoid these error by checking number whether it contains “,” “/” “;” “white space” or any other special characters.If there is an extra character, please remove it first and then track parcel number.
  • Hit the submit button to get the dispatch details

Now visit the official Ekart logistics site f to enter the tracking ID in the parcel tracking box.Click on track button to see the current parcel status.You may need to wait for 24 hrs after shipment for getting updated courier status.

More Ekart Logistics Tracking Ways

If you are a registered user of Ekart site, you can check out my booking option.Find Tracking ID link to know your latest shipment status.The most common Tracking Number Format we found a number of alphanumeric characters.i.e – OD506982238325103000 or for Flipkart FMPP0058291926.However, your shipment ID can be different but it is used for tracking package delivery status online.

Alternative Method to track Flipkart Order: You can login to Flipkart main account dashboard to search the order number.Go to order history page to get the order overview.Each order number contains a link where current activity displays like order status, delivery status, shipping tracking number.So you can easily dig out the tracking status.

Ekart Logistics App available on Goole Play Store You can directly download from there and check current parcel delivery status from your mobile.

Using third-party tracking site – If above ways do not work you can take help of third party sites to get the latest shipment status.For example, you can jump to Aftership ekart services – https://www.aftership.com/couriers/ekart

Flipkart Customer Care 
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