How Blue Dart Manages Delivery Services & Ecommerce Orders

The passionate blue dart team moves faster than consumer expectations with the use of latest technologies strong infrastructure automation and a vast dedicated air and ground network backed by processes and systems. The moment a customer places an order on their favorite ETL portal the blue dart machinery gets into action to deliver a world-class service. Apply for franchise

The customer expects on-time safe and intact delivery and end-to-end real-time tracking visibility for his or her shipment and also desires various payment options. Blue Dart works with all major retailers in the blue dart country through its own or the e-tailers dedicated fulfillment centers or their various vendors across the country. Blue Dart picks up and delivers through challenging terrains and complexities with ease every day. The shipment after its first mile and long haul across the country is received at the destination service center.

Blue Dart extra ordinarily passionate couriers with their high-tech handheld gadgets loaded with (SOPs) global positioning systems payment options and real-time connectivity. Move to consumer homes to complete the last mile process of delivering the shipment and collecting cash. Shipments are also collected against credit card payment.A robust reverse logistics process allows customers to return their shipments.The cash collected is returned to the service center and remittance is initiated for the e-tailer innovative last-mile solutions such as parcel lockers, parcel shops, mobile delivery units are all mechanisms to deliver the blue dart promise.

Top Indian retailers and leading companies across industry verticals have trusted blue Dart’s expertise for years. Blue Darters deliver with speedy execution and keep businesses ahead of the curve millions of delighted customers.