Avoid Cash On Delivery Fraud From Courier Delivery Boy

Cash on delivery, which is now a very popular payment option for the buyer. ECommerce site, they provide COD or cash on delivery payment method towards most of the products. In this method, you pay your order at the time of delivery. This process makes order check out more faster. You can see the cash on delivery option at the final payment page.

Well, the above section tells regarding this payment method. But recently it has been found that the courier and delivery partner, they scam to their customers. If you search on YouTube typing” cash on delivery fraud” you will find a number of fraud videos which caught on CCTV. So now the question is that how they fraud their customers?

They scam people at the time of delivery when the delivery boy comes to you and hand over the item to you. The courier boy takes the advantage of your absence mind. Most of the times when we get a new item or order products online we become excited to receive it. That’s why when you pay the full amount to the delivery boy and receive your parcel from him, you do not notice the activities of the courier boy. They count notes (money) in front of you but very cleverly they steal 1 of 2 notes. After finishing the count they tell you there is one or two notes are missing. Here they scam happens to you and you never understand what exactly happens in front of you.

How to avoid this scam?
Whenever you take a parcel through cash on delivery payment method, always be careful that your notes are being counted properly. Do not focus your parcel because you can later check it out. Don’t move anywhere until the courier boy admits that payment is done. Your consciousness can save your hard-earned money.Thank you for reading this article.