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Aliexpress Tracking – Learn how to track Aliexpress order package shipping status online.

Hello guys, we received many requests from our users regarding Aliexpress tracking. Most of the users they had trouble with getting tracking number from the seller and as well as to check the current order status on Aliexpress. In this post today we will share our personal experience which we have tested by placing an order on Aliexpress. We Will also help you how to track the package when you placed an order and sellers ship the item to the buyer. You can search our previous post regarding Aliexpress dropshipping and its premium tracking. Now, this is for the individual buyer who purchases an item from Aliexpress website which is largest China-based wholesale marketplace and delivers products worldwide.

Ok let’s come to the main tracking system. Right now Aliexpress has three different tracking modules to get the order status. These are from the main account dashboard, check status through Android app which you can download from Google Play Store and the last one is to visit third-party package tracking website. We will discuss all these steps in detail and provide you the best possible simple instructions. But before that we would like to inform you that, just to make sure that tracking system really works we registered and place an order from their site. It was a tiny item which is called crystal bracelet for women. We ordered 10 pieces from the China seller and waited for the tracking details. We noticed that after 9 or 10 days the tracking information was shared by the seller and it can be checked on order details page.

How To find Aliexpress Tracking Number

If you don’t know how to check the order status? It is very simple and anyone can check the order ID and tracking details by clicking on view details tab. It is located right after order ID. As soon as you click on this tab you will see logistics information along with seller Store. Under logistic details, you will find the international shipping company. For our order, they ship via Yanwen economic air mail. However, it changes depending on the delivery location and the shipping method.

As the order placed successfully and the item is dispatched via the shipping company now you will find delivery notification time to time. You will find tracking updates and its progress.The delivery status shows in below format.

  • Shipment accepted by the airline
  • Departed country of origin
  • Shipment left the country of origin warehouse
  • Shipment at the country of origin warehouse
  • Shipment dispatched
  • Waiting for pick up

Checking order status from the account dashboard is very simple and you don’t need to copy and paste the tracking number to another website. For better understanding, we have summarised this process in below section.

  1. First login to Aliexpress website with your username and password
  2. Now go to My Aliexpress which is located under the language tab under profile drop-down menu.Now go to my orders and click on the link. You will see number of products that you recently have placed.
  3. Each order ID you will see view details option now click on that and it will open a new window which displays complete order details
  4. Now go to logistics information section which you can find by scrolling mouse pointer little bit.Again you will find another tab “view delivery details” just click on that and it shows parcel status with optimise tracking information. Hope this part will help you to track the package from the dashboard and you will have no trouble to follow this instruction.

aliexpress tracking

Alternative Shipping Tracking Method

Ok, now come to the alternative tracking methods which we talked about at the beginning of this article. In this method, you need the tracking number. Without right tracking number, you cannot find the order status. Check your email confirmation message and save the tracking code. Now you have to open their tracking website which is – Here on the main home page you will see a big tracking box. It lets you track 30 items at a time. All tracking numbers should be entered one per line. Click on the red colour track button and get the tracking status instantly. If you by mistake enter wrong tracking information it will show blank page. You can remove previous tracking number by clicking remove all button which appears at the bottom of this tracking box. Remember this is a third party tracking website which is integrated with Aliexpress parcel shipment. If you find any incomplete details or wrong information, we always recommend you to visit the official website and to access the main dashboard.

aliexpress global shipping tracking

Above tracking methods works and gives you accurate tracking information. But one more tracking method is still available if you are mobile user. For best mobile experience Aliexpress has their own shopping app. You can download the shopping app from Google Play Store. if you are an iPhone user go to Apple store and search their shopping app. After installing the app open the app and go to my orders from the left side menu, you will find order history and complete order list. Select the order number that you want to track and click on tracking button. If the seller dispatched the item you will find the tracking information otherwise it says tracking number is not yet available. Once you get tracking code from the seller Keep checking the tracking status until the item is delivered to you.

All tracking methods which are discussed here are tested and works 100%. However, if you want our feedback for their tracking system, we would love to share our experience for you. Aliexpress tried their best to get the item delivered to their customer and introduced the latest technology for tracking. Still, we don’t have any positive feedback for them. Their tracking system completely sucks and users get disturbed. The China seller most of the time they don’t provide any satisfactory answer and just keep telling you to wait few more days. When the confirmation time is over automatically the dispute option become inactive. It means you cannot raise any dispute regarding order delivery and tracking query. Sometimes you will find items got stuck in middle of the journey and it never updates. For in this case we highly advised you when you find delivery delay, open dispute immediately and request for refund.

Aliexpress standard shipping tracking vs Epacket

Some users got confused with standard shipping and aliexpress epacket shipping services. The standard shipping service doesn’t provide any tracking number and it takes time longer than expected. When you see the package is shipped via standard shipping it means the seller has dispatch the item by the China Postal service. If you live in US or order for dropshipping it might take 20 to 25 days to reach your item. In a nutshell we can say the standard shipping is slow comparing other shipping service and it is free of cost. On the other side epacket is premium Logistic Company such as DHL UPS TNT etc. The customer get tracking code and can check the delivery status time to time. It reaches the destination fast and takes 8 to 10 days. As long as you don’t provide any Drop shipping service standard shipping is always perfect as you don’t have to provide extra charges for shipping.

Aliexpress tracking number not updating

This is one of the biggest con of this company. The shipping service is too slow and even they do not deliver the item to the customer. At the initial stage you will find that the tracking number is working and providing you the updates. But after one or two weeks when it is left to the origin country you will find that they have stop updating tracking data. And it is stucked in a hub month after months,In this case you need to contact the seller immediately. If the seller does not response with proper resolution you need to open dispute and request for refund.

We hope this article will help you and lets you understand the complete tracking process offered by Aliexpress. If you have any query suggestion or feedback, you can comment in the below comments section.We will  try to reply as soon as possible.

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