Air Parcel Register On Banggood.Com – Parcel Shipping Query

Earlier we had posted regarding Banggood order tracking and its process. But many users still do not understand their Air Parcel Register service. In this post, today will help you to make you understand about this parcel service and how it works.

Air parcel register simply defines their standard shipping service. In this shipping method, you cannot track the order number online. They don’t provide tracking information when you prefer to book standard shipping. According to Banggood official team, delivery takes 7 to 25 business days to complete. Therefore Air parcel register takes time to send your item to you.

Which courier service air parcel register use for delivery?
This actually depends on many things like parcel weight, destination country, product property etc. They choose the suitable courier according to their customer product and location details. For your information, Banggood uses Singapore/Sweden/Netherlands/China Post.

So next time when you get SMS or mail regarding Air parcel register it always indicates standard shipping, not a premium delivery.

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