Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity,How To Start Ekart Business – 2020 Updated

Earlier we have discussed regarding ekart logistics tracking and ekart courier charges.Now in this post, you will find information about Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity.Ekart is fast growing courier company in India.It has been acquired by Flipkart and fully operated by them.Most of the shipments delivered with in two business days.Since they have huge potential in courier segment, you can start a Franchise business with them.

Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity

Download Franchise Approval Guide (Fast Approval)

How to start Franchise Business?
For any Franchise Business, you need enough space and vehicle features.You need minimum 200-300 sq .ft for your office space to start a business.This will be used to store parcel and document items.

Franchise Security Deposit :
All company who provides Franchise option, they take security deposit on a certain agreement.Each company has their own terms and condition.

Whom Should I Contact?
Since we are talking about Ekart Courier Franchise, it does not have any clarity regarding opening Franchise.In spite of that, we contact them and ask for Franchise details.They provide us an email where you need to apply for.
Customer care E-mail: cs@ekartcourier.com
Franchise application email: Fill above franchise form

Write all details: address, pin code, nearest courier company name etc.

You need to wait at least 24 hrs to get a reply from them.

Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity