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How to Start Ekart Franchise

Ekart Courier Franchise India 2024,Cost – Profit ?

Ekart Logistics Franchise Details – Know all about investment , profit margin , daily shipments etc.

Earlier we have discussed regarding ekart logistics tracking and ekart courier charges.Now in this post, you will find information about Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity.Ekart is fast growing courier company in India.It has been acquired by Flipkart and fully operated by them.Most of the shipments delivered with in two business days.Since they have huge potential in courier segment, you can start a Franchise business with them.

Ekart Courier Franchise Benefits

  1. By opting for an Ekart franchise, you will receive comprehensive business support and assistance in setting up your business from the company. Starting an Ekart courier franchise requires minimal initial investment, making it a feasible option for aspiring entrepreneurs. The company’s terms and conditions policy is straightforward and easy to comprehend, ensuring a hassle-free experience for franchisees.
  2. Ekart offers a same-day delivery option, catering to the needs of customers who require urgent courier services. Upon becoming a part of this company, you have the opportunity to offer courier services across India or within your state, expanding your reach and customer base. The profit margin on each delivery is substantial, allowing franchisees to earn more while keeping costs low.
  3. With a commission rate ranging from 2% to 10% on each delivery, franchisees have the potential to generate significant revenue through their Ekart courier business. Additionally, upon joining the company, franchisees receive essential resources such as posters, banners, advertisements, and printing machinery to promote their services effectively. Ekart also provides access to the latest technology, enabling franchisees to enhance their courier service and stay competitive in the market.

Why you should Work with Ekart Courier?

Ekart is committed to providing comprehensive supply chain solutions that include warehousing, distribution, dropship, and various types of inventory movements for customers in different industries. Their operations run 24/7 and are supported by top-notch processes, technology, and a dedicated team. This enables to deliver exceptional experiences and unlock value at every stage of the supply chain. A single partner that offers end-to-end solutions, with deep design expertise to tailor solutions according to specific needs. Additionally, they offer rapid scalability to major cities and tier 1 locations, with 20 locations currently available. Ekart services also include value recovery through refurbishment and repacking, ultimately leading to improved speed to market for our customers.

Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity

How to start Franchise Business?
For any Franchise Business, you need enough space and vehicle features.You need minimum 200-300 sq .ft for your office space to start a business.This will be used to store parcel and document items.

Ekart Franchise Cost

The cost of an Ekart franchise can vary between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs, and it requires an area of 750 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft.

Ekart Logistics Franchise Profit

The profit margin of an Ekart franchise depends on factors such as the type of parcel, size, and product price. With its extensive delivery network covering thousands of pin codes and delivering millions of items monthly, Ekart franchise proves to be a profitable business. Monthly profits can range from Rs.30,000 to over Rs.70,000.

How to Apply for Ekart Franchise ?

To apply for an Ekart franchise, individuals can either send an email through the office website at http://www.ekartlogistics.com/ or visit the regional office located at Brigade Manae Court, No.111, First Floor, Koramangala Industrial Layout, Bangalore, PIN: 560 095. Additionally, interested candidates can contact Ekart through their Franchise Contact Number 1800 420 1111. After this initial step, applicants need to fill out the franchise form with basic information such as name, email ID, phone number, and company name, and submit it. Becoming an Ekart logistics partner is a straightforward process that only requires filling out and submitting the franchise application form.


Ekart Dealership FAQ

How to apply for Ekart Logistics franchise?

Access the Ekart website and navigate to the ‘Franchisee’ category.
Complete the franchise inquiry form by providing your personal and business information.
Submit the form and anticipate contact from a representative at Ekart.

What is monthly income in ekart franchise?

An Ekart enterprise typically generates an average monthly income of Rs. 1 lakh. However, the actual profit you make will depend on the volume of packages you manage and the efficiency with which you operate your business.
Minimal capital is required to kickstart an Ekart business, making it a low-investment venture that offers the potential for substantial returns based on your efforts and management skills.

How can I get Flipkart logistics franchise?

To initiate the process of acquiring a Flipkart delivery franchise, individuals are required to reach out to the Ekart support team, visit the regional office in person, or communicate via email or phone. It is important to note that Flipkart does not accept any delivery franchise applications from the general public. Those interested in starting a Flipkart delivery franchise must directly get in touch with the company’s authorized personnel.

Is Ekart owned by Flipkart?

Ekart logistics, also known as Ekart courier, operates as an Indian courier delivery services firm with its headquarters situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. This company functions as a subsidiary of the well-known electronic commerce entity Flipkart Pvt. Ltd., and is managed by Instakart services Pvt. Ltd.

How to become a vendor for ekart?

Commence your venture on your own property. In order to initiate this process, a land area ranging from 500 to 800 square feet will be necessary. To embark on the Ekart franchise, it is imperative to undergo training. Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to select the nearest Ekart Logistic franchise training center to fulfill this requirement.

What is the salary of ekart hub manager?

The salary range for an Ekart Logistics HUB Manager in India with 3 to 15 years of experience is ₹6.3 Lakhs, which is higher than the average HUB Manager salary in the country. At Ekart Logistics India, HUB Managers can expect to earn between ₹3.0 Lakhs and ₹9.1 Lakhs, with our estimates suggesting a 10% increase compared to the national average.

Can I track ekart delivery ?

To track your order, simply visit the Ekart Logistics website at https://www.ekartlogistics.com/. Once there, locate and click on the “Track Order” button displayed on the homepage. Next, enter the tracking number that you obtained from the Myntra website into the designated field. Finally, click on the “Track” button to initiate the tracking process.

You need to wait at least 24 hrs to get a reply from them.

Ekart Courier Franchise Opportunity