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DHgate Tracking portal lets you track trace all epacket sent by the sellers.It is very important to track the logistic company or order ID for proper delivery.Today we will guide you how to track Dhgate orders online. You gotta know how to track your order, and for that go to official website dhgate.com then jump to the searching bar and you go to my DHgate.Now click on that then you go to the left side where it says my orders and the orders that are already being shipped and waiting for the arrival, they should be on a waiting confirmation. you can see the estimated delivery date but then on the right side it says track items and it actually says tracking information not available yet, but if we go to view details you can see like a little timeline when the payment was confirmed, when the products were prepared, when the package shipped out and then now it’s in transit.

More clearly,to track items that have recently been shipped, you need to click on my page of DHgate and then you would go under active orders and click on the tab marked ships. Here you will see many ordering numbers and you can track the item of the order number that you would like to do then you would find the time of submission, the shipping method and the estimate is delivery time.It will take to reach your door sometimes there may be two or more carriers depending on the number of items you purchase. You can go to the direct courier company website which has been booked to send the package. Under logistic information you can find the logistic company name and now use the tracking number to get current status, Unfortunately, those who don’t have any information regarding tracking number, they should contact the seller directly. The seller updates the tracking number via phone or email. These are the most common epacket tracking methods on DHgate. However, for alternative ways, you can always contact the customer care representative or send email to the individual seller.

Epacket Tracking DHgate Updated

Recently DH Gate has updated their tracking system on their website. Now any DH gate customer can track order status without logging to their main account dashboard. This method is very simple and it displays the result very quickly. All you have to do is to note down the order ID or the tracking number provided by DHgate.com,only logistic waybill tracking number which is received from DHgate is supported on the DHgate tracking field. When you enter the tracking number please make sure that the number is valid and there is no comma, white space. Now fulfil the captcha and click on track button.

Direct Tracking pagehttp://dg.dhgate.com/waybilltrack/buyquery.do

What is invalid tracking number?
If tracking information can not be traced within 10 days from the date the seller submitted the first tracking number, DHgate may judge the tracking no as an Invalid Tracking No. Under such circumstances, you may submit “return and refund” case to request full refund from the seller.

Normally, there are 7 types of the Invalid tracking No.:

  1. No Any Tracking Information
  2. Only One Record and Never Update
  3. The delivery address is not the same as offered by buyer
  4. The time of the first tracing information is later than the dispute opening time.
    Buyer opened a dispute on October 11, but seller sends parcel on October 12th.
  5. The time of the first tracking information is later than paying time.
    Buyer paid the order on October 14th, but seller sends parcel on October 12th.
  6. Seller sends you a totally different item, such as a little gift.
    For if you bought a pair of shoes but seller sent you socks, the seller will be punished if you report to Dhgate.
  7. Receive Empty Package,
    Seller sent you an empty box, please take a picture of the small parcel.

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