Ekart Tracking,Track Order Status Of Ekart Courier

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Ekart Tracking – Enter valid tracking number to track Ekart courier status.

Ekart tracking updates and notification sent via the official website of Ekart courier.However, if you don’t receive any information regarding your shipment status.You can easily track the order number using this free tracking service.It shows complete dispatch details from the main hub to destination hub location.Even you can estimate the delivery date following the tracking update.

Tracking Benefits :

One should track the parcel online because of following benefits

  • You get real-time parcel location details
  • You can request to modify the delivery address
  • If you are not at home, you may schedule for later parcel delivery
  • Your parcel never lost
  • You can contact delivery boy directly following the branch
  • You can avoid “return to origin” parcel status

How to track bulk order numbers?

Right now Ekart does not have bulk tracking feature.You need to track each number separately.We will update the same when they enable this feature on their website.

Ekart shipment result (Showing Blank)

You can avoid blank tracking page error with a correct order or consignment number.The most common reason of blank is the incorrect shipment id entered by you.There may be other mistakes from your side like –

  1. You have tried to track shipment too early (try at least after 24 hrs of shipment – recommended)
  2. Courier server temporarily down (try later – recommended)
  3. You have added blank space or special characters in tracking box

How to receive tracking ID?

If you are an existing user of Ekart logistics, please login to account dashboard.Here generate tracking ID by booking your order.Don’t have an Idea, follow instructions below:

  • First select Standard option or Premium prime for delivery from the service menu
  • Once you select these options, click the button to confirm
  • Entering complete location details
  • Now validate the details and confirm the booking
  • Once confirmed is done you will get tracking code instantly.(It can be used for real-time tracking)

Different ways of tracking: The logistics company has the website where you need to submit the tracking code and you are ready to track shipment status.As Ekart works with multiple e-commerce sites they offer inside tracking facility.As an example when you place an order via Flipkart company you will the tracking number along with delivery status.Flipkart always ships their item through Ekart courier.

The second option you have i.e tracking by APP.This requires Ekart app installation on your mobile device.It takes time and not recommended for fast users.However, we provide you simple tracking tool which you can see in this page.Here it takes 2 minutes to track order and parcel.

How Ekart track order tool works: Well, this usually works connecting the main server of the courier.You enter tracking number and server request the latest update from the courier database server through API.

Does Ekart offer any tracking forum?

You can contact their customer care team for any issue or feedback.They yet don’t have any forum to submit thread or question.You can join our forum to post any tracking related issue at – https://forum.trackmypacks.com/

Ekart Tracking Number Format


Note: Tracking number is subject to be changed.Please visit the official website for the latest format.

ekart tracking steps & tracking tool

The Official website is: https://www.ekartlogistics.com/

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