Aircargo Tracking Service – Track AWB Number

Track Cargo (AWB NO)

For any AWB (Airway bill number) number tracking you should have correct tracking format.In our site, you can track air cargo or freight shipment status using official tracking tool.Yes,we bring the official page to you for quick and secure tracking service.You can find all cargo carrier list on our tracking page.

What is 3 digits AWB code ? (Aircargo Tracking guide)

This is known as unique cargo code to identify the airline company.You need to use this code with your tracking number to track air cargo status.

What is the number format ? 

All airline prefixes generally contain 3 digits numeric code.The format looks like 123-12345678.You can find Airline prefixes online.

Tracking Steps :

  • Select airline company
  • Enter AWB code with prefix number
  • Find tracking tool & enter airway bill number
  • Click on track button.